Oasis Videos Survey

Many people have asked me to make short, easy-to-use videos of the Oasis Strategies.

I am excited to report that I have prepped 13 videos* that I believe are excellent. My intention is to make them available online, both for our Oasis Community and for a broader audience.

The videos are purposely short– they range in length from 1 minute to 7 minutes –in keeping with the Oasis philosophy:  you can change your life quickly by doing these strategies. Each video has a 1-page pdf (sample here) included with the video.  To give you the flavor, click below to view a sample video.

Before we make the videos available to the public, I am asking for your input. It will help me greatly to know the best way to market and price them.

*The total list of videos:

  1. Welcome to Oasis
  2. Oasis Theme
  3. Neuroplasticity of the Brain
  4. Begin Your Day the Oasis Way
  5. 4-D
  6. 4-D Dump
  7. 3-B-C
  8. Emergency 3-B-C
  9. Preventive 3-B-C  (Personal Palm Pilot)
  10. Cue-2-Do
  11. 1 Stone
  12. 1 Stone – Various Uses
  13. End Your Day the Oasis Way

We plan to make them available in various “packages”, tentatively as:

  • Individual videos  (choose whichever ones you want)
  • “Appetizer” bundle:  Welcome + Theme + Neuroplasticity
  • “Main Course”: the 4 Key Strategies
  • “The Whole Shebang”:  all 13 videos