Select from the topics below or request another topic. We will work with you to tailor the presentation to the specific needs and desires of your group.

*presentations available in English, Spanish, or bilingual

Millie Grenough

  • Oasis in the OVERWHELM – 60-second Sanity Strategies
    Looking for calm in the chaos? Don’t have time to get yourself on track? These 60-second strategies will help you take control, be healthier & happier, at work & at home.
    Having trouble getting it together? Learn practical tools for #1: you! Excellent for your own self-care, ease, enjoyment. (And the people around you will be happier, too!)
    Discover your unique gifts, your particular passions. Kindle them. Make specific, practical decisions about using them – today and in the future.
  • BURNOUT – Been There? Done That?
    Identify the signals for burnout and head them off. If you’re already there or close to the edge, learn how to come back with fresh energy.
  • STRESS MANAGEMENT – Put the Spice Back in your Life!
    Can’t get rid of stress? Learn how to use it for your benefit. Find out whys stress is “the spice of life” – and learn easy steps for dancing with it – positively.
  • RE-WIRE YOUR BRAIN! – Be the CEO of Your Brain’s Activity
    Learn the latest exciting research about your brain’s neuroplasticity. Find out how to re-wire your own brain towards improved effectiveness, health and happiness.
  • OVER THE HILL? – Now You Can Pick Up Speed!
    New Brain Info for Boomers & Beyond – as above, latest brain research: geared to people age 50 & above, and for those caring for older people. Find out how you can increase your brain power well into your 90s. Old dogs can learn new tricks!
  • PERFORM AT PEAK – Envious of Derek Jeter & Serena Williams?
    Learn practical, do-able techniques to: Clarify your goals. Amplify your strengths and remove barriers. Take focused action to attain your goals.
  • PRESENTATION SKILLS – Are You Hiding Under the Table?
    Learn the “5 Secrets” of successful presenters. Scare the heck out of stage fright. Present yourself & your message with power & poise.
    Learn how to shift from agitation to ease, from confusion to focus, in an instant. Kick out old habits, build new brain grooves for increased effectiveness and pleasure.