Radio Interviews

Host Barry Eva of has a “Book and Chat” with Millie on Oasis 60-second strategies and how they are changing the lives of millions of people. Click here to listen in.

Interview with Peter Clayton

Listen to Millie Grenough live with Peter Clayton reporter of Total Picture Radio at the North American NeuroLeadership Summit. Listen now.

Mary Jones Show

Is stress taking over your life? Register for Oasis Live! Workshop and learn how to rid off stress!  Listen into Millie’s interview with Mary Jones as she provides tips on how to live in an Oasis. Click here to listen in. May 23, 2012

Having trouble with these dark days?  Listen to Millie’s interview with Mary Jones, host of The Talk of Connecticut radio show and learn how you can head off those winter blues! Click here.


Faith Middleton Show

Faith Middleton, NPR’s award-winning announcer, invited Millie into her studio on May 29th to talk about Oasis in the Overwhelm. The interview was part of Faith Middleton’s Richness of Life show.



Live Call with Millie Grenough and Jill Berquist, Professional Coach of Berquist Coaching

PWP 5-23-12 Call:  Millie Grenough’s Zig Zag Road of Purpose: I’ve had the pleasure to know Millie Grenough for a number of years now. I learned from her formally as I trained to be an Oasis in the Overwhelm (stress management) facilitator, as we co-authored a guide book together for that program…and I’ve continued to learn from her in life as a dear friend and colleague. She is a SUPER stand-out as a purposeful path traveler for two reasons. First, she has been on a purposeful path much of her adult life. And second, her life has taken some really intriguing (sometimes wild and crazy) zigs and zags. Read more and listen to the Free call.