Oasis Video Series

Millie leads you through the day with 60-second OASIS Strategies...
from Begin Your Day the OASIS Way to End Your Day with Peace

Did you ever have one of those days when everything goes wrong?
Your body tightens, your stress level shoots up, you lose control…


The BAD NEWS:  Stress is here to stay. And it’s increasing daily.

The GOOD NEWS:  You can keep stress under control in 60 seconds — or less.

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“But I don’t have an hour, or even 10 minutes to spare…” I hear that all the time.  No problem.

Welcome to my new video series “Oasis in the Overwhelm: 60-second strategies”

Based on Millie’s book Oasis in the Overwhelm, these videos are 1-5 minutes in length and are designed to show you a unique 60-second strategy to reduce the stress in your life. These strategies can be used separately or together to help you perform at peak and develop emotional intelligence.

The Oasis Strategies will help you re-wire your own brain towards balance, health and sanity. The strategies are:

  • scientifically-based  – the latest neuroscience research validates their efficacy
  • easily learned – watch the videos & you will know how to do them
  • eminently practical  – for all walks of life & ages
  • extremely portable – use them anywhere, any time – at work & at home
  • immediately effective – do them & you will feel the difference instantly

In the videos, Millie Grenough, Executive Life Coach, Yale School of Medicine Instructor, and International Trainer will show you how to move from:

  • agita to ease
  • chaos to calm
  • overwhelm to oasis

Each video is accompanied by a pdf that outlines the major benefits of the strategy, and gives you practical tips on how to incorporate the strategy into your daily life.

The videos are available individually or in bundles.

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