Oasis in the Overwhelm CD

60-second strategies for balance in a busy world

by Millie Grenough

Oasis in the Overwhelm: 60-second strategies for balance in a busy world – Audio CD introduces four simple strategies for stress reduction that are practical, easy to learn, take only sixty seconds, and designed to help busy people be more effective-and happier-at work and at home.


Looking for calm in the chaos?

Find it in Oasis. Executive Coach Millie Grenough guides you through:

  • Step-by-step instruction in the key Oasis Strategies
  • How to use the strategies in different situations
  • Scientific background: re-wire your brain towards health and happiness
  • Tips: achieve calm in chaos – every minute – at home and at work

Millie Grenough developed the Oasis Strategies after a near-death accident forced her to change her hectic lifestyle. The Oasis Strategies have helped people from all walks of life find balance and enjoyment. Try them for yourself. Don’t wait till you have an accident.