Praise for Millie's book OASIS in the Overwhelm.

“I just finished reading Oasis in the Overwhelm over the weekend and all I have to say is, ‘bravo!!’ I loved the book…I have already practiced each of the book’s four techniques and my wife has already noticed the difference… “
John A. Cirello, Senior Partner
Cirello & Vessicchio, LLC
“An excellent guide for Type A people like me who want quick and practical methods to manage stress. They really work!”
Brad Aldrich, P.E., Vice President,
Forcier Aldrich & Associates Consulting Engineers
“What I’ve read makes me feel like you know me, and you’re writing about my life.”
Nancy Weber, What I See
“…Written in an easy and relaxing style, this is a must read, ‘put it into action’ book! Thank you for helping me find my oasis. I needed that!”
Barry Foster, Director,
The Corporate Coaching Center
“I think I could use your book as a constant reference during my days.”
Woody Powell, Executive Director,
Veterans for Peace
“Let me just say that I LOVE the title. As soon as I read that I felt more at peace. The word alone is something of a mantra, immediately conjuring up feelings of peace and sanctuary. I LOVE it.”
Mimi Houston, Freelance Writer,
Mother of three young children
“For us recovering workaholics, Millie provides an invaluable service by coaching us to become more effective in the workplace while also helping us to fit work into a more appropriate place in the framework of our lives.”
David Nee, Executive Director,
William Caspar Graustein Memorial Fund
“How did you know I needed this book exactly right NOW?! You have a fresh, immediate, conversational approach to the reader. You come alive as a teacher, drawing the reader along exactly as if you were there in person instructing them. Marvelous!”
Lynn Chapman-Adler, Retired Executive
“I plan on buying your book for others because it presents simple and sensible strategies to create serene space in our lives. That’s worth sharing.”
Cyn Chegwidden, MBA,
Field Marketing Manager for Military MBA
“Millie Grenough offers a welcome oasis to our crazy pace. Grenough brings her vast academic and personal experience full circle to offer four simple skills that can be applied anywhere by anybody.”
Jane Larson de Torras,
Language Consultant, Barcelona
“Any new book about stress and how to cope with it in our increasingly complex world must be welcomed with open arms. Oasis suggests simple steps that anyone of any age or walk of life can master. It works.”
Elayne Phillips, Theatre Director,
Swiss Musical Theatre Academy
“Looking for bits of balance in the daily chaos? Millie’s Oasis Strategies give you short, sixty-second breaks from the zaniness of life – and, as a bonus, they’re practical ideas to be happier.”
Jim Donovan, Handbook to a Happier Life:
A Simple Guide to Creating the Life You’ve Always Wanted
“I use the 3-B-C strategy regularly now and have noticed a definite and immediate improvement as I move through my hectic days managing my staff.”
Ginger Mierzejewski, Manager,
American Payment Systems
“Imagine a group of executives sitting around a conference table, quietly taking deep breaths while gazing at a stone! I smiled as I witnessed, firsthand, the transformation of stressed and chaotic energy into a state of relaxation, calmness, and focus in sixty seconds. They embraced one strategy that Millie offers in her brilliant and useful book, Oasis in the Overwhelm.”
Carole Jacoby, Master Certified Coach,
President of Life Visions
“This reads as smooth as a Japanese river stone. So easy to read, I wanted to read through to the end.”
Bonnie Muller, LCSW,
Certified Rubenfeld Synergist