About Millie

Author of Oasis in the Overwhelm and creator of the Grenough Process.

photo by Harold Shapiro


   inspires people

to do what they thought was impossible:

  • teaches non-singers to sing
  • shy speakers to present powerfully in public
  • Type A personalities to work smarter
  • frazzled folks to focus
  • warring parties to work together


   walks her talk:

  • ex-nun turned nightclub singer
  • ex-shy Kentuckian turned international speaker
  • near-death accident to saner/healthier woman


   lights up the world:

  • her book Oasis in the Overwhelm: 60-second Strategies has helped thousands of people on five continents
  • her Oasis Training Program has graduates throughout the United States, and in Panama, Puerto Rico, and New Zealand
  • originated Sing it! groups for people who thought they were tone deaf (see write-ups  in Village Voice & Seattle Intelligencer
  • has coached Foxwoods Casino VPs, university deans, prison inmates, frazzled CEOs/parents/docs/nurses/coaches/artists/US Army personnel
  • is a regular guest on TV/radio offering her trademark 60-second Oasis Strategies
  • offers keynotes, retreats, team-building, in-person & telecoach sessions

Coach, author of ten books, motivational speaker, and Clinical Instructor in Psychiatry at Yale University School of Medicine, Millie is certified in EMDR-Level II, and is one of ten people worldwide named Master Rubenfeld Synergist. Her six years’ living and working in Latin America and Europe help her be at home with people from many backgrounds. Her four young grandchildren keep her on her toes.

MILLIE’s passion?

– to help each of us reach our full potential – while becoming saner, healthier, and   happier. And guess what – this makes the people around us happier, and helps the world, too.


lives in New Haven, CT
loves her husband, furniture designer/interior decorator Paul Bloom
her stepkids and four luscious grandchildren
her multi-faceted work life
lying in her backyard hammock
hiking in the Sierras and Wyoming Wind River Ranges
meeting all kinds of people in all kinds of places
being quiet
being noisy
moving her body – swimming, dancing, jogging
playing the upright bass fiddle and guitar
learning new songs
singing old songs
sharing Oasis with folks ages 3 to 99
breathing / noticing fresh things every minute
never knowing what the next chapter might bring…