…holidays have you in a tizzy?

11/18/2017 04:31 pm ET

Have too many things on your plate these days?

I do. After my busy mind woke me at 3 AM, I had a tough time getting back to sleep. Definitely in a tizzy.

Webster defines tizzy as “a highly excited and distracted state of mind, origin unknown (1940).” (Makes me wonder…before 1940, did people have fewer tizzies?)

Anyway, my crazed state was a strong reminder for me to get real and practice what I preach: find an oasis in my overwhelm. How?

Pause. Get clear. Take action.

So, before rushing into writing this blog and tending to all my other “must-do” stuff, I sat down at the kitchen table with a cup of jasmine tea. I gave myself 60 seconds to breathe, and hang out with a few questions. I asked myself:

What is one thing I am thankful for – right now

  1. About my body? I know it’s getting older and has aches – but/and what is one thing I appreciate about it right this minute…
  2. About my mind? It’s cluttered, yes, and doesn’t always remember everything – but/and…one thing I really am thankful for about it…
  3. About my current life situation? ….

After I jotted down my responses, I took another 60 seconds to “breathe them in.” It gave me time to notice where I felt each appreciation. Then I fed that wiring in my brain/body.

Those two 60-second breaks worked for me. I hope they work for you.

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Warm wishes for a thanks-full Thanksgiving to you and family. Pay it forward!