In These Dark Days, How Can You Shine Your Light?

Yep, in this Northern Hemisphere, we’re in those dark days of winter. 5 PM and it’s pitch dark in Connecticut. Where is that sun anyway? Makes me wish I were back in Perú.

Helps me to remember that nature never stands still. That’s why I was surprised when I looked up the origin of the word solstice. Webster tells me it’s from the Latin:

sol = sun + status, past participle of sistere = to come to a stop

Webster goes on to explain that solstice is one of the two points on the eclipse at which the distance from the celestial equator is greatest. (Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary)

But the sun doesn’t stay there. Even as I type these words, we’re beginning to move towards more light.

On these darkest days of the year in our hemisphere, how can I – how can you – how can we – shine our lights?

Last Thursday 50 light-shiners gathered with me at Career Resources in Bridgeport, CT. What’s their task? To work with jobless, homeless, re-entry population, single parents, and those with mental health or addiction difficulties.

What’s their toughest challenge? To take excellent care of themselves as they go about their stressful work.

Photo by Holly Wasilewski

They journeyed to Oasis in the Overwhelm with me and left with practical strategies to take with them. As one participant said, “I learned how to stay calm in stressful situations. I have my stone to keep with me.”

To honor your light in these dark days, try this Oasis Sanity Tip, ask yourself:

What is one specific thing I can do today to:

1. Feed my own light – nurture my sun?

2. Honor someone else’s light?

3. Shine light on a dark place?

And if you happen to be in Lima or Cochabamba, shoot some psychic rays up our way.

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Bright greetings on this dark day, Millie Grenough