11,000 feet — 9/11


What’s it like to toss your stress to the background and climb to 11,000 feet?

I had the luxury of doing that in August. Left all the usual stuff behind. Packed the bare necessities. Then climbed. Tough climb! Not much air. One focused step at a time. Incredible beauty/spaciousness in the Wind River Range in Wyoming, Tetons to the north.

Back at sea level now, “reality” is smacking me in the face. Bam!

Sharp memories of 9/11
Nuclear threat looming
World leaders badmouthing each other
Unrest in my own neighborhood
My sister and a dear friend gravely ill

How to manage the instant stress this generates in me?

Wow, I’m almost back in the overwhelm.
How to keep sanity, clarity, the big perspective?

Breathe right now.
Consider: What’s my best action right this minute?

Be me. Do what’s in front of me. Today’s tasks. With open eyes and open heart.
That includes writing this blog and inviting you to do this Quick Mind-Clear to give you an oasis in whatever your own overwhelm is. Here’s my Oasis Sanity Tip:

Set aside three minutes today to:

  1. Toss aside your overwhelm, whatever it may be.
  2. Give your body, mind, and spirit a chance to let go.
  3. Luxuriate in a favorite “big-picture” scene for yourself.
  4. Breathe a sigh of gratitude that you are alive, safe, well.

After this, ask yourself — gently — if there is an action you want to take.

Me? Now that I finished this blog, call my sister. Then go to Edge of the Woods to buy veggies and fruit for my friend. Not world-shaking, but real. Practical.

If this little Sanity Tip is useful, you may want to learn more ways to rewire your own brain away from chaos into calm. The next Oasis Training is coming soon. Join me!

From sea-level Connecticut, I send you “big-picture” spaciousness. Give yourself a break right now —