What’s Flim-Flam? What’s Real?


Such chaos in this world of ours. So many swirls.
What’s reflection? What’s fear? What’s real?

Yesterday I was caught in the 4 PM Merritt Parkway rush.
Swirling. Emotions flaring. In my gut and all around me.

Wow, the anger I felt. The nerve of that lady in the red car trying to cut me off! What’s with that old geezer crawling in the passing lane? Why don’t those tree-cutting guys work in non-rush hours? Who does Governor Malloy think he is, cutting all those programs? Why am I paying so many taxes? The flim-flam of that newscast yesterday —

Whoa, how easy to spin out of control — in one minute!

Decided not to turn on the news. That would really stoke me.

Time to pull back.
Exhale my anger.
Bring in reality:
Precious moment. Only moment.

I’m here right this minute. In my car. Enough gas. AC even works. Safe. No wars on the Merritt. Heading home to pack for my trip to the Wyoming Winds. Stopping to pick up Mexican supper for my four healthy grandkids. Enough time later this evening to finalize details for my November Oasis in the Overwhelm Training.

We just moved forward 100 yards.

Yeah, Precious moment. Only moment.

When I look at that photo of me in the Winds two years ago, I remember how important — and how simple — it is. Stop. Breathe. Take in the big picture as clearly as I can, wherever I am.

Simple. Not always easy. But I can do it. Even when I’m stuck on the Merritt.

Then the world stops and breathes too in some small way.