What Do You Need to Let Go Of?

photo: Millie Grenough

— an old hurt? — a negative judgment of a friend?

As I sat in my backyard this morning, I realized that the trees follow the rhythms of life with much greater ease than I do. Even if their current leaves are dazzlingly beautiful — when it’s time, they simply let them go.

What do I need to let go of, right now – to make room for whatever may be next?
I’ll have the chance to practice that in a big way soon when I am a GRACE Trail Coach at the 2015 Massachusetts Conference for Women. If you’re fortunate enough to be one of the 10,000 people with tickets, look for me there. Whatever, I invite you to do a virtual GRACE walk right now.


What am I Grateful for?
What can I Release?
What do I need to Accept?
What is my Challenge?
What can I Embrace as possible?

Thanks, Ecclesiastes, Pete Seeger, Anne Jolles for reminding me:

To everything – turn, turn, turn -There is a season…

What to let go of now – for me?

Time to put away the hammock. And with it, the resolution that I made – but didn’t keep – to spend at least ten minutes in it three times a week.
Time to toss the old hurt.
And yes, time to give away those “beloved” clothes I bought 20 years ago in Greenwich Village but haven’t worn in 10 years. Another woman will love them.

More room in my closet. More softness in my heart.
What will come in their stead? Don’t know. Wait and see.

Not yet time to pull out the snow shovel. No sense stewing about next week’s happenings.
Trees don’t worry. They just are.
Savor this ‘tween season. It’s what’s here now.

For you?