Monthly Archive for: ‘April, 2015’

‘I’d Dig a Hole and Bury It’

Credit: Millie Grenough Last Wednesday my daughter-in-law asked her two boys, 8-year-old Jules and just-turned-5 Theo, what they did in school that day. The voices from both ends of the table piped out, “Earth Day!” Theo added, “Mother Earth takes care of us, so we need to take care of her.” I thought it was a good time for GranMillie …

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They’re Up! How About You?

  Credit: Millie Grenough Pretty amazing, isn’t it? Tons of snow atop them for weeks. And now these voluptuous velvets emerge. Just like that. No bruises. No complaints. Here they are. Free. Right in my front yard. Naive flirts, inviting me and all my neighbors: “Feast on us!” Their simple magnificence entices me to offer you my Oasis in the …

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