I Didn’t Keep My Promise

credit: Millie Grenough

Remember way back when I promised that I’d lie in my hammock for 10 minutes at least three times a week?

Well, I didn’t.

What do now — beat myself up? Say what a slacker I am, especially since I’m the “expert” on self-care and re-wiring our brains towards healthy habits?

Nah, that’s a sure waste of energy and of my brain cells. Better to get real and ask myself:
OK, what’s the situation now and what can I do and want to do about it?

Situation now: two feet of snow in the backyard and on the streets.
What do? Funny thing. Just got an e-note from my coach colleague Jean Stetz-Puchalski:
“The snow is so deep here I can’t even get out my driveway. But the light is gorgeous, so I decided to go out and make a snow angel.”

Great idea. I haven’t done one of those angels since I was a kid. I went out and did it.


Moral of the story?

Do what you can with what you’ve got. You know, lemons to lemonade.

As stress management researcher Jon Kabat-Zinn says,
You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.

Translation for 2015 in Northeastern USA:
You can’t stop the snow, but you can flap your wings.

Thanks, Jean, for reminding me to “change my channel.
It took only a few seconds. Didn’t cost a cent. Gave me a true Oasis in the Overwhelm.
A super snowy thanks to you!