What Outlasts Chocolate and Roses?

Valentine’s Day pitches everywhere: on my street corner, online, in the drugstore. Makes me wonder: what is at the heart of this day?

When I came in from shopping, I glanced back at old mail, old photos, old cards, and found this photo of then two-year-old Mikhayla. She gave me the answer. Love is the heart: the simplicity of giving and receiving, the freshness of 2015-02-13-Mikhaylahappy.JPGa cowgirl hat and an open-hearted smile.

Corazon, coeur, cuore, coração: in the romance languages they all mean heart. And from that vital life-giving organ comes courage.

When the rose petals drop and the chocolate is eaten, what remains? Hopefully, the love that prompted the gifts. And even if you didn’t receive or give any of these, you still have your own heart.

On this Valentine weekend, do something heartfelt, something courageous. Stand up for something or someone you believe in, whether it’s a big act or a little gesture. Take action on something you’ve dreamt of doing. Make it real. Exercise your unique heart wisdom.

Our world is hungry for more than dark chocolate!