Sanity Tips for Thanksgiving Menu

Crazed with last-minute preparations?
Dig into this Sanity Tip Menu for a pre-Thanksgiving shift.
No charge. No tax. No reservations needed.
Prep time? Two minutes.

Choose someone in your family/social circle who sometimes acts like a turkey.
Think of an unexpected treat you could give to that person. It may be a shift in your attitude towards her/him, or a tangible act you do for or with that particular turkey.
They don’t even have to know about it to make it work.

Right now, look around you and find something the color of cranberries.
Drink in the richness and beauty of the color.
Let it give pleasure to your mind and your body as you breathe it in.

Cook up some gratitude gravy.
Take a pen/pencil and jot down three things that you are grateful for at this very moment.

Stand up. Take a breath. Stretch.
Feel free to add any dishes of your own.

That’s it.
Hope it gave you a chance to ease off a bit, and widen your picture.

Warm wishes for a happy Thanksgiving!