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Millie has taught English as a Foreign and Second Language to people from more than twenty-five countries, in beginning through advanced classes to children and adults in one-on-one situations as well as large classes.

She is co-producer of the cassette MOSAIC: New Haven Sings of Peace & War and has developed teaching curricula for Head Start, Adult Education Programs, the Instituto de Estudios Norteamericanos in Barcelona, Spain, and the International Center at Yale University.

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Learn more about Millie's latest book: OASIS in the Overwhelm.

Now available in spanish: OASIS en la Adversidad.

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To Students and Teachers all over the World

W E L C O M E !

Make learning a new language fun for your students!  Music gets into our subconscious quickly and is a powerful medium for acquiring new knowledge and for reinforcing already-learned structures. 

Sing it! uses real songs -- all-time favorites and classic folk -- to help you teach English in a way that is readily absorbed, fun, and much less frustrating than standardized run-of-the-mill textbook instruction. 

Have fun with your students as you watch them gain the confidence that English: Sing it! can provide!

English: Sing it! is the ORIGINAL Sing it! with 39 classic favorites all in one book and on newly-recorded CD.

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