Maryknoll Mission Institute with Millie Grenough

Note: this event has been rescheduled for 2020
Maryknoll, New York

You are invited to join Millie in finding the Oasis in your life and live more peacefully. Think about your daily life. Recently I was in a super market and at the checkout counter there were many magazines. Each cover shouted out “Control Your Stress Today” “Stress Free Life” “Breathe Deeply and Enjoy Being Stress Free” And these magazines are selling. People are searching for a way to live in today’s world and know how to understand the stress they feel.

Well, this is your chance! Register today for Millie’s program and learn skills you can use every day toward managing your stress positively. Find your own Oasis in the Overwhelm!

Millie is an Executive Coach, Social Worker, Clinical Instructor in Psychiatry at Yale University School of Medicine. She has taught the Oasis in the Overwhelm strategies to thousands of people around the world. Her Oasis Training Program has graduates throughout the USA, in Panama, Puerto Rico and New Zealand.

Millie has seen firsthand how we can re-wire our own brains to increase our resilience, our health, our happiness, our hope. The Oasis 60-second Strategies will give you practical and powerful ways to do this. Join us for this important program. Experience your own Oasis!

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