Millie Grenough

Change Your Life in 2015!

OASIS is the new way of living
with Peace, Calmness - Greater Energy!
Let OASIS™ originator
Millie Grenough change your life.
Don't wait until it's too late.

Become an Authorized OASIS Facilitator this Spring!
Join the 2015 OASIS Training

Day 1:  Thursday, May 7   8:30 – 4 PM EDT
Day 2:  Thursday, June 4    8:30 – 4 PM EDT
The Graduate Institute
171 Amity Road, Bethany, CT

In this intensive training course, OASIS originator Millie Grenough presents the OASIS philosophy and strategies in depth. She will guide you in intensifying your own personal experience of the OASIS Strategies so that you will feel comfortable sharing them with others.

This Training is for you if you are hungry for:

* Powerful methods that work – quickly – on body, brain, emotions, spirit
* Potent tools to enhance your life & your professional excellence
* New opportunities to expand your reach and increase your income
* Continuing professional development (CCEs / CEUs)

Fee $950.  Includes 14 hours individualized Training, Two Teleconferences, Course Materials, Discount on OASIS Products, Membership in Worldwide OASIS Community, Certificate as Authorized OASIS Facilitator upon successful completion of Training.

Register here.  Go to the OASIS Training tab to learn more about the training.



Our newest addition to the OASIS book series!

25 people tell the story of their journey to reach their own OASIS.

25 people—from diverse cultures, different professional backgrounds, of varied ages, all walks of life—coaches to US Army personnel, harried parents to critical care nurses, artists to executives.

They tell us how OASIS changed their lives. How they use the OASIS Strategies to enjoy greater health and happiness in their own lives. And how you can use OASIS to bring resilient balance and peace to your life.

If you wish to order a copy or two, click here.



Check out Millie’s latest blog on Huffington Post. You can read it by clicking the link to the right and all her other Huff Post blogs by going to her Huff Post Author Archive

Got Chaos? Get Calm!

Check out Millie’s new DVD – 14 to the point videos on How to Stay Sane in a Crazy World. $15.95

Less than $1 a minute. And it will last a lifetime. 

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Got Chaos? Get Calm! DVD